On the Live tab, you can find out the current traffic status in Buenos Aires (Argentina). The map shows every detected traffic incident as a map marker or as a colored line between two markers. Each map marker indicates a different type of traffic incident: Accident, Road Closure, Firefigthers working, Police Officers, Protest, Traffic Jam and Works on Road.

At the top of the right-side white bar, you will find a refresh button. . Use this button to update traffic status. Moreover, you can click on a map marker to visualize on the right-side bar which tweets reported the corresponding incident.

On the Demo tab, you can understand the analysis process of Manwë. Here, you can write down a "fake" tweet in Spanish language and observe how Manwë analyzes it. After you write the tweet, just press the Analyze button and Manwë will analyze your "fake" tweet with the aim of detecting traffic incident reports. Remember: this demo is only configured to detect traffic incidents located in the city of Buenos Aires. Attention: This may take from the order of a few seconds to one minute depending on server current load and the server load of third-party geocoding services. Please, be patient

Once the analisis ends, you can see the results of the five Manwë steps:
Preprocessing: Simplifies the text by removing unnecessary text elements.
Tokenization: Separates the text into tokens. On the demo, each token is enclosed by brackets.
NER: Recognizes named entities and traffic-related Spanish words on tokens. On the demo, if the NER recognizes something on an specific token, this token will be shown in blue color. If you hover the mouse pointer over a blue token, you will see what named entities or Spanish words were recognized. Each recognition is detailed by the name of the entity/word, the similarity score between the entity/word and the token [0;+1], and the entity/word category (if any). Syntax Analysis: Relates the tokens by taking into account which named entities or Spanish words where recognized on them. This step attempts to detect textual locations and the type of traffic incidents.
Geocoding: Geocodes traffic incidents locations detected in the analysis. Each geocoded incident is detailed by a textual description. If you click on an incident description, the incident will be centered on the minimap of the bottom of the page.
Original Text
Entity Recognition
Syntax Analysis